PDH Luncheon: Flood Protection Level of Service in Miami-Dade County

Presentation Description:

This project involves preparing a flood protection level of service (FPLOS) analysis for the roughly 200 square mile area in central Miami-Dade County defined as the C2, C3W, C5 and C6 watersheds. This effort involves developing a calibrated and validated hydrologic and hydraulic (H&H) model of the subject watersheds. The subject region includes a significant extent of flood protection infrastructure including an extensive primary canal network with District owned and operated control structures throughout the highly managed system. Although the District canals and structures represent the primary infrastructure for providing flood protection in the area, the secondary drainage system is a significant component. In particular, there are large canals, culverts and pumps in the project area that are owned and operated by Miami-Dade County and the municipalities of Belen, Sweetwater and West Miami.

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