PDH Luncheon: Concrete Pavement Design and Applications

Presented by Amy Wedel, Director of Concrete Pavements of Florida Concrete & Products Association, Inc.

The Florida Concrete & Products Association (FC&PA), is a multi-faceted trade association representing more than 90 companies statewide. These companies produce are able to produce ready-mixed concrete, concrete pipe, cement, aggregate, concrete block, concrete masonry and admixtures for concrete. The FC&PA is one of the largest concrete associations in the United States. 

In addition to promoting the use of concrete, the FC&PA develops and implements numerous marketing, technical and educational programs that focus on new innovative products, as well as proper installation and construction procedures for all types of concrete product. 

Amy Wedel

Director of Concrete Pavements, South Florida, Florida Concrete & Products Association

Amy Wedel has over 20 years of experience working in the cement industry. Since joining Florida Concrete & Products Association, she has been specifically trained on concrete pavement design. 

Ms. Wedel will provide insight on concrete pavement design throughout her presentation discussing proper joint layouts and learning how to calculate the life cycle of different pavement types. She will discuss characteristics of rigid vs flexible pavement, particularly when it comes to resiliency in flooding conditions. She will also discuss how reflectivity effects urban heat island effects, air quality, lighting and safety. Other concrete applications will be introduced, such as roller compacted concrete and full depth reclamation and overlays, which are growing in use across the United States. 

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