PDH Luncheon: Coastal Resiliency Study (City of Marathon)

Presented by Jose Lopez, P.E., Director of Environmental Engineering  at Bermello Ajamil and Partners

On February 5, 2019, the City of Marathon received an FDEP Coastal Resilient Grant to complete four tasks; data collection, outreach and public input, review of the City’s comprehensive plan and ordinances, and an engineering report. One major concern the City of Marathon needs to prepare for is sea level rise. The Coastal Resiliency Study performed looks at different ways the City of Marathon can adapt and prepare for the rising sea level as well as the benefits and drawbacks that accompany each strategy. This luncheon will dive into the findings from the FDEP Grant and how the City of Marathon is planning for the future.

Jose Lopez, PE

Jose Lopez has over 32 years of in-depth experience practicing environmental and civil engineering in Broward County. Mr. Lopez’s background includes experience in water distribution, sewer and reclaimed water piping design and piping. He has experience in the design, installation, start-up and permitting of pump stations and sewer assessment. He also has experience in wetland permitting and mitigation, stormwater management and drainage. Mr. Lopez has worked with a number of different local, state, and federal regulatory agencies including Broward County, SFWMD, FDEP, FDOT, and the USCOE. Mr. Lopez serves as a member of the Broward County Technical Advisory Committee to the Water Advisory Board and County Commission. Mr. Lopez also serves as the vice-chair of the Broward County Surface Water Coordination Committee. Mr. Lopez has been awarded ASCE Engineer of the Year in both 2009 and 2016.

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The New York Times article: “Florida Keys Deliver a Hard Message: As Seas Rise, Some Places Can’t Be Saved”