PDH Luncheon: Floodplain Design, Construction, and Impacts on Flood Insurance

Presented by Paul Marcello, Flood Mitigation Specialist for Floodproofing.com

Working, designing, and living in a flood zone can be complicated when figuring out which proper floodproofing system is needed for a home or project. Floodproofing.com will supply state-of-the-art floodproofing applications that follow all of the latest flood codes and regulations enforced by the NFIP, FEMA, and local town ordinances. Certified Floodplain Managers are able to provide the proper mitigation steps while also helping to reduce flood insurance premiums.

Paul Marcello, CFM

Paul Marcello is the Flood Mitigation Specialist for Floodproofing.com in the State of Florida. He is a college graduate of Johns Hopkins University class of ’13 with a degree in Materials Science and Engineering.

Mr. Marcello has extensive knowledge on FEMA and building code flood regulations and can assist with commercial and residential floodproofing designs.  With a background of 100+ presentations promoting for flood resilience, Mr. Marcello has instructed architects, code officials, surveyors, builders, and homeowners on best practices for flood mitigation.

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