PDH Luncheon: Sanitary Sewer Pump Station Design

This presentation will discuss the following topics:

  • General design criteria for wastewater pump stations including:
    • Wastewater Flow Generation Calculations
    • Understanding peak flow
    • Hydraulic calculations for the head condition
    • Pump station run times
    • Pipe Velocity
    • Force main vs. manhole connections
    • Explanation of grinder pumps vs. non-clog pump, including reading and understanding a pump curve
    • Explanation of permitting requirements)
    • Overview of control panel design and operation
    • Review of maintenance of pumps stations
    • Benefits of fiberglass and HDPE vessels for wastewater pump stations
    • MOPS Proprietary Scrubber
    • Pump station optional upgrades
    • Stormwater Pump Station Design
    • Questions

Bonnie McLeod, P.E.

Bonnie McLeod, P.E. has a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering degree from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) and has been practicing in the Southeast Florida region for almost 20 years. She entered the workforce as a general land development Civil Engineer and transitioned to a Municipal Consultant. After approximately 10 years in the private Consulting world, Bonnie transitioned to Industry. Bonnie was hired as the Vice President of Engineering at Atlantic Environmental Systems (AES) and began with the design of all wastewater and storm water stations. Since then, her role has expanded to incorporate the design of over 100 pump stations annually and the management of the company’s pump station service department consisting of over 425 existing wastewater pump stations, ranging in size from 2 HP grinders to 70 HP pump stations. AES is the South Florida leader in private stormwater and wastewater pump station design and manufacture, headquartered in Lake Worth, FL. AES is a full service company offering support to Consulting Engineers starting at the design phase and following through to commissioning and ongoing maintenance of the pump station for their Clients.

Bonnie has been active in the American Society of Civil Engineers and Florida Engineering Society throughout her career, earning accolades amongst her peers. Bonnie lives in Lake Clarke Shores, Florida with her husband (who is also a Civil Engineer) and two boys. She enjoys traveling, spending time with her family, and dreams of long lazy days on the beach.

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