PDH Webinar: Analyzing the Condition of Stormwater Systems

This presentation will walk through the principals of FDOT & AASHTO established thresholds for storm sewer condition assessment and how they can be related to new construction acceptance & in-service inspection programs. Curious what cracking, deflection and corrosion in pipe actually means? We will dig into FDOT’s CPAM manual and AASHTO’s 2020 “Culvert Inspection Guide” to break down how to classify pipeline conditions while drawing parity among typical pipe materials. Understanding the purpose behind drainage pipe inspection criteria enables engineers to be the most effective with owner & taxpayer dollars by ensuring the actual serviceability of a stormwater system lives up to the intended designed service life.

Cate Thompson, P.E.

Cate Thompson is the FL Regional Engineer for Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS) and lives in Jacksonville Beach, FL with her husband Billy and 1 year old daughter Quinn. Cate was born and raised in NJ but got sick of the cold, so she moved down to Boca and studied at FAU where she graduated with her Civil Engineering degree in 2011. She began her career as a Project Engineer focusing on residential structural & geotechnical design then shifted gears to the drainage side of the industry to work with ADS. Cate works throughout FL with FDOT, Expressway Authorities and public agency staff on specification development, project support and product acceptance. She is passionate about increasing Young Professional (YP) involvement in the industry and is currently serving as Chair for APWA’s national YP committee as well as YP Chair for the FL Chapter.

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