PDH Webinar: Fusing Utility Coordination and SUE

This topic was designed to explain the Fusion between utility coordination and subsurface utility engineering. We will demonstrate how a utility coordinator approaches a project, identifies conflicts and develops mitigation strategies to try to avoid utility conflicts. We also present how subsurface utility engineering plays a huge role in how a utility coordinator and designer can reduce/manage risk for their project. Without accurate subsurface utility information on critical utilities the ability for a utility coordinator to try and resolve conflicts can be a challenge. We also explain the ASCE 38-02 standard guideline for the collection and depiction of utility information. We define the quality levels and how those quality levels relate to utility coordination efforts to minimize project risk. With accurate subsurface utility engineering information in hand, the utility coordinator has a better perspective of the overall puzzle that the designer is dealing with. The utility coordinator, designer, utilities agency and SUE provider all contribute to developing avoidance, mitigation and alternatives to help make the project successful.

Robert Memory

Mr. Memory is a Senior Project Manager with more than 33 years of experience in the management and oversight of utility coordination projects. His expertise includes developing innovations to achieve effective utility coordination on highway projects while maintaining project schedules and avoiding contractor delays; cost, value, and risk analysis; problem solving, context-sensitive solutions, subsurface utility engineering, and creative design avoidance techniques. He has a thorough knowledge of state and federal laws, policies, and audit processes governing utility relocations and coordination.

Mr. Memory has managed over 100 North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) projects and has also held several national leadership roles, such as serving on the AASHTO Right of Way & Utilities Subcommittee Executive Board (2006 – 2016); being appointed for three terms on the Transportation Research Board (2007 to 2015); and participating in seven FHWA Accelerated Construction Technology Transfer Workshops throughout the nation.

Since employment with Maser, Mr. Memory has established a strong working relationship with Piedmont Natural Gas (PNG) performing the role of a PNG project manager; on multiple highway projects. He represents PNG by coordinating directly with the NCDOT on new gas line installations and highway project relocations. Since employment with Maser, Mr. Memory has been a contracted by NCDOT to coordinate with the NC utility companies in establishing a new program to expedite project development by utilizing GIS tools, application and data. Mr. Memory oversees the NC Maser utility encroachment design submittals for meeting the NCDOT and SCDOT compliance, standards and specifications

Daniel M. Checchia

Mr. Checchia has over two decades of South Florida experience in transportation engineering, surveying, and construction related fields, with expertise in SUE and utility coordination. His duties include the supervision of the day-to-day operations of Survey, SUE and Utility Coordination assignments to ensure QA/QC from field to office is maintained on all projects. Mr. Checchia maintains a strong rapport with local utilities and municipalities and assists clients with utility research, identification, data management and coordination. He also has substantial experience working for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). As a technical delegate for FDOT District IV Survey & Mapping Advisory Committee, he helped develop new field procedures and deliverables for statewide projects

Mr. Checchia has a comprehensive knowledge of the FDOT Utility Coordination process, and his philosophy is to maintain an open and productive dialogue throughout the initial SUE investigation; utility coordination, and post-design follow up. Daniel is also a member of the Board of Directors of the SUE (SUE) Association, a member of the Florida Utility Coordination Committee (FUCC), and the chair of the Broward Utility Engineering & Surveying Institute (UESI) Chapter.

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